The Radio Grind

10:30pm, June 1, 1981.

Up late. If I don't get to bed by 10 I'm drained the next day. These 4:30am starts are killing me. The department has no money to hire a director and Vicki and Gail don't trust the researchers to traffic cop the show so I produce and direct.

When we get off air at 9:00 I'm usually pretty buzzed and it takes me at least half an hour to re-focus on the day ahead which includes (but is not limited to) running the 10 o'clock story meetings, writing the item intros, checking the edits, balancing the budget (ha!), going to departmental meetings, doing a few p.r. gigs, dealing with freelancers, and picking the music for the next day - everyone says my music choices suck (it's that damn theme; I guess Chuck Mangione isn't the best thing to wake up to!)

I stay at the plant through the 6pm supper hour TV newscast then either slide away or hang around gossiping. I'm sleeping at the station more and more on a foamy I keep in one of the edit suites. It might not be classy but you gotta admit - it's efficient.

Doing a morning show is exhausting so I'm starting to look around. The posting for that new TV program [The Journal] will be out soon and after surviving the radio grind TV seems like a pretty nice gig.

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