Big John

Journal Entry, Edmonton.
Wednesday, January 14th, 1981.

A late, late night. Beers at the Strath. Dinner at the Keg. Etcetera at Bob Spence's.

Spence is the eminence gris around the CBC. For the past few years he's been the morning show host but got bumped to reading the news by the Vicki/Gail experiment.

He's a pretty easy going guy - all 6'5" of him. "Built to Scale" is his stock pick up line. Must work 'cause he gets plenty of action. Claimed he bedded Maria Muldaur of "Midnight at the Oasis" fame when she was through town last year...said he made her wail like an "Xoxa yodeller". Don't believe it myself, but the allusion was pretty funny.

Spence hangs out with another big guy, John Candy who is leaving town this week. The 'Chuk will NOT be the same.

He's been here with the SCTV gang for the past couple of months shooting at ITV where they get cheap studio time and non-union crews. Candy and Spence have been crashing around town like a couple of bored 15 year olds with adult pay cheques for allowances.

Last weekend SCTV had their wrap party as most of the actors were heading back east; the consensus was to have it on set, but the plant management would not give them the studio.

So, Candy rented it - in fact he rented the entire station.

He rented the gaffers so we'd have lights, the sound guy to spin tunes, the staging guys to put up tables, the security guys to keep things cool, the parking guy to jockey cars, and best of all he rented every production assistant at ITV Edmonton as....table dancers.

A great time was had by all. At the end of the night the bill was 22-thousand dollars. Big John picked up the tab. Every last dime.

That man loves to party.


Words Words said...

Wecome back, Don. Nice post.

iNudes said...

Glad to see you're back Don, I really missed your stories. Enjoyed the post, keep them coming.