Missing In Action

Journal Entry, Toronto
July 28th, 2008.

So, this is how Jim Bouton must have felt when he played for the Seattle Pilots. Sitting in the dug out with his eyes wide open and his mouth tight shut scribbling notes to himself in the club house crapper.

I've had to take a break from this modest endeavour to get on top of my job and decide whether or not to continue blogging at all -- after all, as my pal Tom Alderman pointed out ... nobody cares what you think; it's what you know - and have the guts to write, that really counts.

After three months watching this complicated game being played from a cushy seat in the Owner's Box I know a helluva a lot more than I did when I was scraping snow off my Winnipeg mailbox desperately hoping a cheque was nesting amidst the bills and junk mail.

But as a single dad of three cash-consuming young adults I can't really write all that much about the game in progress because I like being back in the Show.

Old habits are hard to break however and Jim Bouton eventually DID write 'Ball Four'.

Of course he never pitched again in the Big Leagues. Last I heard he was throwing knuckle-balls for the Moncton Mud Hens.

But when the lights went down at the end of the ninth he went to the showers as someone who'd given it his all; surviving on junk but taking pride in the fact that he still had enough juice left for the occasional fastball.

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