Maple Leaf Melody

Journal Entry: A boring Friday night.
Toronto, June 6th, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to answer the door again without worrying that Mark Messier might be there to cram Frito Lays down your throat and practice his wrist shot on you, along comes the latest CBC debacle.

If our long Canadian winter had a door bell the opening eight bars of the HNIC theme would be it. And now, in a most un-Canadian fit of intractability the seller and the buyer of that piece of music have taken their pucks and gone home.

The result? A national debate and a TV contest to choose a replacement song. Are these people suffering the Lindros syndrome of too many hits to the head? Can you imagine what Leno or Letterman would do with idiocy such as this?

I know you didn't ask but here's a suggestion on how to resolve this -- pay the asking price, acquire all the rights, forget making a buck out of ring tones, and DONATE the song to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The cost can be written off as a charitable deduction; the advertising impressions from the folks who'll drag their kids through the hall for generations to come can be monetized; and best of all -- Don Cherry will say "ATTA BOY !! GOD BLESS YOU. THAT'S THE CANADIAN WAY".

You're welcome.

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