A Rose by Any Other Name

Journal Entry - Edmonton.
Tuesday, January 13th. 1981.

In a completely ridiculous turn of events the station has changed its name. On Friday we were CBXT - CBC Channel Five. On Monday we became XT5.

In his all-staff memo the Regional Director (Eric Moncur) said this would connect us with a "younger" audience, although he didn't explain how.

We had a seminar recently to discuss getting the ratings up but it was all opinion no science.

My two-bits worth was that we should "celebritise" the station by getting local personalities involved -- have some of the Eskimos contribute to our sports coverage ... get Paul Hahn or KD Lang to do music reviews (and as much as I love Rick Phillips we've got to lose Pachelbel's Cannon asap).

In his closing address Eric shocked everyone by saying that we should STOP referring to ourselves as "CBC Radio across Northern Alberta" as he felt that linked us with the federal government too much.

Is that the logic behind XT-5 ? If we pretend NOT to be the CBC then more people will listen?

In the fall book we were #5 out of 9 local radio stations. But it's the spring book I'm focused on as that will be the first ratings period for MY show - and we'll get to see whether the Vicki and Gail tag-team experiment has worked.

Having two women host the flag-ship morning show is one of those brave gambles only the CBC (...er, XT-5) would take because Edmonton is a tough, redneck town.

There's also a real anti-Ottawa mood in the air. Every time we open the phones we get more than the occasional caller who believes we're a propaganda arm of the Liberal Party.

I know the university profs like our show ... but I wonder if anyone else does ?


A year later I tried to hire a young on-air guy from Quebec City who I thought had real potential. I brought him to town and he did a great audition - but the Regional Director over-ruled me.

He said the time wasn't right for Edmontonians to wake up to DENNIS TRUDEAU.

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