Rick Phillips

Journal Entry. Edmonton.
Wednesday, December 17th. 1980

I think we've found a star -- Rick Phillips.

Rick is the producer of the classical music show broadcast coast-to-coast from Edmonton every afternoon on the FM band. A quiet, lonely kind of guy Rick spends most of his days hanging 'round the record library listening to LPs by composers most of us have never heard of.

Vicki wants to bring him on the show to promo HIS show and give our listeners a gentle start to the day (she HATES the discs I pick). Van Halen is out. Vivaldi is in.

Program music has become the bane of my existence.

Yesterday Rick played a sweet little piece called PACHELBEL'S CANNON and we had no less than 47 -- count 'em ... 47 phone calls from listeners asking what the cut was.

This is an all time listener response high; most days we get 10 or 12 calls.

So, I'm going to make Rick a regular feature on the show. His cuts usually run about 10 minutes which eat up a lot of program time. This, of course - is one of the morning show producer's dirty little secrets ... we'll air practically anything to fill the show.

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Anonymous said...

and a mere 28 years later the cbc brass think that he has nothing more to say! although, I'm not sure if I can forgive him for inflicting Pachelbel's Cannon on us on what seem a daily basis