Out, Out Damn Theme

Journal Entry. Edmonton
Tuesday night, December 16th, 1980.

I've taken more crap over the damn program theme than ANYTHING else we've put to air. What the hell is wrong with Chuck Mangione anyway ?

Connie Caldor [Ed Note: a local folkie] called me the other day and told me she was going to stop listening unless I lost the muzak-sounding flugle horn. Meanwhile my boss, Bill White keeps telling me the theme is too rock-and-roll for his tastes.

All of this has got me thinking about WHY we have a program theme in the first place?

I know that it's supposed to give the show character and personality. But does it really ? Or is it just producer-ego. A strong theme makes sense for Morningside or As It Happens but maybe at 6 in the morning all people want is news, weather, sports, some friendly talk, a couple of laughs...and time checks. Lots of time checks.

After Christmas I think I'll lose the theme.

Ed Note - this I did with mixed results. The media writer in the Edmonton Journal wrote that the show "lacked identity"; the hosts thought it reduced the overall visibility of the program; and folks around the station thought it was simply a weird thing to do - to have a show with no theme.

And the audience ? Not a complaint. Not one.

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Doc Holiday said...

So... You've been through the desert on a show with no theme.

In one way or another, haven't we all?