A Room with a View

Journal Entry. Toronto.
09:00. Sunday September 7th. 1980.

Here's the plan - tylenol, water, bed. Shouldn't have driven home. Bad Don. Bad.

Just got back from my going away party. Quite the night. Went for dinner with Karen Webb who took me to eat up the CN Tower (great view / lousy food). Then to the El Mocambo where she FORCED me to drink to excess before finally heading to my party at Rob Prouse's house. It was a bit slow until his bi-sexual English nanny came onto both me and Karen ... a weird but kind of interesting night then proceeded to unfold. Bet I remember this in 20 years.

[EDITOR'S NOTE -- that would be a definite "yes"]

Flying back to Alberta tomorrow. Morning radio awaits.


Christina said...

Okay, so this was in 1980 and you lived to talk about it, but NEVER take Tylenol when you've been drinking. You can have liver failure and die. I never keep Tylenol in my place because I drink to often to take the risk of mixing up bottles...

"The Book of Don" said...

Is that true ? Really ? OMG...that probably explains the 25 years of ridiculous decision making I've experienced - however, I will definitely cease this habit (the tylenol taking)



Christina said...

Yes, when I heard this the first time I thought - "oh shit." But my liver is fine. I had it tested last year.

Now I try hard not take any medication with alcohol, but when I do, it's a morning after Alka Seltzer - I think Aspirin is the least likely to do any damage.


Check out that link for the explanation of why the mix of Tylenol and alcohol is so bad.

"The Book of Don" said...

thanks Christina....I love your profile photo by the way. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Where is Karen Webb these days? I wonder if she remembers the night in question.

"The Book of Don" said...

Karen is a lawyer in Ottawa ... and I'm pretty sure she does.