It's the CULTURE, stupid.

Journal Entry. Winnipeg.
February 7th, 2008.

What is it about building a country people don’t get ?

When are we going to realize that TV and books and films and songs are as important to nation building as roads and railways and sewers and airports ?

Culture is not the fat of a bourgeois society but the MUSCLE of a healthy community. People who laugh and sing together – stay together, right ?

Sir John A would have understood.

In Richard Gwyn’s great new BOOK (the first biography of Macdonald in over 50 years, by the way) the man-who-made-us-said:

“A brilliant future would certainly await were it not for those wretched Yankees...”

The Manitoba farm boys who died at Vimy would have understood.

On the eve of battle they sang a SONG ....

“The Maple Leaf, our emblem dear. The Maple Leaf forever!”

Joe English would have understood.

Joe who flew a Lancaster into the killing skies over Germay in 1943 and was a powerful character in my DOCUMENTARY series “Bomber Boys” said to me:

“Why’d I do it ? Easy. It was my job. Canada needed me to fight for her.”

As we gab, gossip and gasp (...sorry) about the Oscars, the new season of Lost, the death of Heath Ledger, Roger Clemens’ upcoming Congressional shuck and jive -- there’s one helluva a bare-knuckle brawl going on at those CTF hearings in Gatineau.

Meanwhile John Doyle is filing columns about how cool it is to be hanging out with Mike Duffy and the only TV coverage is on CPAC ?

If it was the 401 that was about to collapse do you think the hearings might get a little bit more ink ? That the journalistic treatment might be a little bit more thoughtful ? More rigorous ?

Where is the accountability interview with...QUICK NOW, who IS our Minister of Heritage ?

Why should we care about all of “this” ? Because it’s the CULTURE, stupid.

Our culture.


Ken Williams said...

Aaaah.. interesting question, but I totally agree English-Canadians aren't interested in their own stories. Heritage is NOT culture (though it's an indication that our government thinks so), it's only a part of culture... better question might be: name the last 10 plays by Canadian playwrights you went to? Name 10 Canadian movies you've seen? Name 10 Canadian poets? Name 10 contemporary Canadian artists? Are you fluent in the other official language? But it's also no use blaming the Yanks. We've embraced their culture as our own. Hell, we're some of the major players in creating it.

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence that people in "Canada" outside Quebec and Newfoundland care at all about their culture. Nothing about their behaviour/media consumption indicates that they give a shit at all. Almost none of them watch Canadian shows or movies, read Canadian books ... a Canadian play? You're absolutely dreaming. Let them have the America they want.

jimhenshaw said...

Isn't it interesting, how you can post something heartfelt and passionate and people use it as an excuse to pointlessly piss on themselves...

It's guys like you that get and contribute to our culture, Don, and fucktards like the commenters above, who wouldn't know what it was even if they'd been born with it tattooed on their ass.

DMc said...

Heh heh.Fucktards.

Ken Williams said...

Fucktard... nice... it could've been worse I guess... you might have made me sit through an entire episode of Friday the 13th the TV series...