Edmonton AM

Journal Entry. Edmonton.
September 24th, 1980.

Well, here we are again. CBC Edmonton.

Goodbye Annex - hello Garneau. So long Spadina - how ya doin' Whyte.

At least I've got some buds in town. Moranis and Dave Thomas are doing a show called SCTV which is being shot here because the facilities are cheap. Their production manager Dave McAree, hand carries the master tapes to New York every weekend to be broadcast. Nice job.

I don't hang out with them much as I'm so fucking tired all the time. Producing a morning radio show is a real killer. It's not just the stress of lining up three hours a day - five days a week. But I direct the show too.

Which means getting to the plant at 04:30 where I write intros, check scripts, make coffee, and generally snoop around. There's something kind of sexy about being the ONLY PERSON in a radio/TV station in the early morning hours. The air is heavy and warm smelling of electricity and stale smoke.

Vicki and Gail get in around 05:30...well, Gail does. Vicki shows up about two minutes to six .. coats and scarves and coffee and papers flying everywhere. But once the red light goes on she's great.

Vicki was brought here to do the 'colour' items ... Gail the serious stuff - but yesterday Gail was sick so Vicki flew solo. She interviewed Lou Hyndman (EDITORS NOTE - Alberta's treasurer and most boring politician) about his fight with Trudeau and the interview was actually interesting...then she got into it with a local alderman Percy Wickman - a smarmy, sanctimonious little cretin who's campaigning to get the body rub parlours shut down.

She asked Wickman if he'd ever (quote) "had his parts rubbed ? You know...for research ?"

It was the radio highlight of the week. EVERYBODY was talking about it.

I saw the station manager Bill White later .. he just looked at me and smiled.

It's going to be one interesting winter.

Oh yea...I spent the weekend in the record library picking a new theme. Chuck Mangione and George Benson. Flugle horn mixed with jazz guitar.

Everybody hates it.


Eric said...

Chuck Mangione and George Benson? What were you thinking!

Ken Williams said...

Percy Wickman? The guy in the wheelchair? Smarmy and sanctimonious? sounds more like a currently sitting alderman who's initials are RH and proudly declares to be Edmonton's longest serving councillor.