The Toronto Maple Leafs Have Ruined My Life.

Journal Entry. Winnipeg.
January 17th, 2008.

Failed Pitch # 83

This is NOT to say that I could have pulled in a million viewers ... but ... last fall I pitched a documentary called "The Toronto Maple Leafs Have Ruined My Life".

Here's some of that pitch:

THE INTRO: There's no greater group of fools deserving our pity more than those long suffering fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“1967”…”1967” they shout in Montreal. And Edmonton. And Calgary. And – maybe soon, Ottawa or Vancouver.

The generation of rosy cheeked kids who sang the Centennial Song while trading Frank Mahavolich hockey cards when the Leafs last won the cup are now graying, pudgy Viagra buyers. The team is no closer to being a winner than they were when a cup of coffee cost a dime and Lester Pearson was Prime Minister.

Driven relentless forward by the assumption that this year “will be different” (who can ever forget Darryl Sittler’s ten point night … or Lanny McDonald’s goal against the Islanders in '78) the Leaf Nation – the cannon fodder of the Hockey Wars - are about to head into another season like a litter of puppies wandering up the 401.


Seemed like a pretty straightforward pop culture sports doc to me. And because I didn't care too much about the on-ice action -- just the results - I didn't have to worry about game rights.

A million viewers ? Not sure.

Good old fashioned blood-and-tears TV ? Definitely.

...and given the year the Leafs are having we'd have probably witnessed a few suicides too.

Great TV.


Callaghan said...

Sounds terrific.

Pitch it again!

jimhenshaw said...

I'm in!

Todio said...

I'm more interested in why it didn't get picked up the first time? What reasons did they give for rejecting it? In theory this should make the second pitch better than the first, knowing what was wrong with it in the first place (or am I being naive?)

Allan said...

Hey, Don, no mention of the news that your blog has been nominated as Best Media blog.
Too humble to bring it up yourself?
Congratulations. Not too shabby for a blog's debut year and with all of 39 posts!

"The Book of Don" said...

thanks Allan ... to be honest, I wasn't too sure what to make of these noms ? I guess there's no cash prize if I win, right ? :)

but - thank you for being interested enough to have noticed.


RDL said...

Just after you win this Bloggy thing... or when you're appointed to run one of Canada's broadcasters (which you surely should be), I swear I'm gonna tell it all. You know... about the time when you walked for three hours in Edmonton's Klondike Parade dressed in all-black Darth Vadar, scaring the hell outa kids who only wanted a candy from one of the nice clowns (me). Then, after becoming disturbingly drunk later in that evening, sneaking your way into the Edmonton Journal newsroom (BSing the poor green hornet security guard that you had an 'important story to file')and redistributing much paperwork on those poor reporter's desks, leaving anonymous notes for those who you disdained, the poor ink-stained wretches being lowlifes compared to an up & coming, brilliant radio guy. Oh, wutta mess you left. I can almost see it... not like I was there or anything like that. I woulda canned that security guy for letting us... er, you in. Oh ya, there's more... but I wonder later in life if this is the background needed to become an award-winning journalist/producer/blogger yada yada? Get me to a time tunnel so I can go back to do some of that stuff myself.