Happiness at Thirty Below

Journal Entry. Winnipeg. -28
January 21, 2008.

As people keep telling me, this is the most depressing week of the year. So how 'bout some counter programming ?

TEN things to cheer us up -:

1. This year's Super Bowl might actually be interesting.

2. Tom Green is not on television anymore. Not even on CPAC.

3. The Current (with Anna Maria) is a great radio show.

4. Steve Earl has a new CD coming out.

5. Hillary or Obama ? Either one is going to make the planet smile.

6. Conrad Black is going to jail.

7. CBC is doing some kick ass programming. And there's more on the way.

8. A documentary about Winnipeg is opening the Berlin Film Festival.

9. You too can have a Mac.

10. The Book of Don has not folded in humiliation.


Words Words said...

Don the optimist! Who knew?

Frankly, I think happiness IS 30 below. Too cold to be too windy. Mix it with a bit of sun and you've got the most beautiful day of they year.

Ouimet said...

Are you playing with your timelines again, or is this supposed to be "January 21, 2007?"

Ouimet said...

er, 2008.

Allan said...

I think Tom Green is genius. I love his interactions with people, so sweet and yet bitter satire. I've admired him for a long time. The world is more than ready for Late Night in Canada with Tom Green.

SuperBowl is popcorn entertainment. I like it but it's just passing the time.

Leonard Cohen isn't dead yet. Heath Ledger is and Amy Winehouse is on crack, dad.

Hilary is the able administrator, Obama an inspirational speaker.

Conrad Black should have been sentenced to make a profit for his shareholders. I like this man very much. A great historian and amusingly horny.

The Book of Don got nominated for best blog something. That has to be encouraging all by itself.

What constitutes kick ass programming in Don's book?

Allan said...

er ... I was an extra in Tom Green's bizarre Finger movie

"The Book of Don" said...

...an extra in the 'Finger' movie ? You are indeed one interesting dude Allan. (By the way I thought your real-life in T.O. photos were great.)

Allan said...

Thank you Don, the slightest encouragement is always welcome.
But of course it's you and Ouimet that were nominated for awards while I'm content believing that I'm actually part of the winning team (!).
After this weekend I sensed a seismic upheaval in my confidence and view of this (now much less so) trivial pursuit of contributing to the blogosphere. I hope you caught some of the excitement of what I consider a watershed moment for all the "indoor kids" who've created this 3rd voice of media in Canada.
It wasn't that our team won the Test but rather that the concept of blogs was so prominent for two hours in the nation's consciousness.

CBC should simply let Jesse produce and Amber host and give them anything they want. I believe these two "kids", just as examples, have the potential to take techno news beyond the gadgets and browser tips into social relevance and meaningful impact.
You simply must hear Amber's remarks as posted at my Free World blog.

Imagine if you, Amber and Jesse pitched to the CBC and blogged about it at the same time, would the CBC stand a chance?

Anonymous said...

Tom green IS on TV again.. He has a show on the web that he makes in his living room. And some TV stations such as comedy network in canada are broadcasting it as "Tom Green's House"

Christina said...

1. This year's Super Bowl might actually be interesting.

Agreed. Somehow, not thinking, I booked a flight to Vegas right at game time on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm hoping there's a channel on Virgin America that will be piping it through the plane.