Bumper Cars on the 401

Journal Entry. Toronto
August 12th, 1980.

I've decided to take the Edmonton job. 41k a year at 26. Maybe I'll finally get that damn student loan paid off.

Nahhh. Think I'll buy a stereo with huuuuge speakers instead.

My show Edmonton AM, runs from 6 - 9 across Northern Alberta. I have a staff of three researchers, one p.a., one news writer, one sports guy, a dedicated tech, and a few freelancers. Vicki Gabereau and Gail Hulnick have been hired as co-hosts. [EDITOR'S NOTE - Gail was a staff announcer at CBC Edmonton].

I've never run a team or had any sort of management training. I guess I'll learn as I go. Hope I don't actually have to "fire" anyone - that would be very weird.

Gail, I know from university. She's an upwardly mobile MBA type. Vicki couldn't be more different.

Gail dates lawyers. Vicki - soundmen. Gail drinks white wine. Vicki - tequila shooters.

I'll miss Toronto but I think this is a good career move. Vick and I get on well. Although we're going to have to watch our bad habits. We're kind of like oil and oil.

I took her to buy some pot from an old Chinese guy on Spadina the other day...then drove out to the airport to pick a friend up. While waiting we did what just about anyone would do with 100 bucks worth of grass and half an hour to kill.

Driving back downtown on the freeway at rush hour was - as they say, a bit of a challenge. It's been just over a year since I left Cowtown and moved to the Big City, now look at me ... playing bumper cars on the 401.

Vicki and Gail will make history as the first two women hosts on CBC Radio. There's a lot of buzz in the Edmonton press about them.

Morning radio in Lougheed Land will never be the same.


iNudes said...

Wow, salaries haven't kept up with inflation. My calculations show that $43k would now be $104,000. I doubt the current producer of Edmonton AM is making that sort of money. Maybe I'm wrong, I hope I'm wrong.

"The Book of Don" said...

yes, you've got to remember that in the late 70s and 80s CBC paid well. It wasn't until 86 that the 3% annual salary increase came in. And '90 that things really became frozen. Back in 80 I had a three hundred dollar a week freelancer budget too ... which would buy me 6 x 50 dollar items - or a few interviews with Richard Gwynn / Charles Lynch etc who charged 75 bucks for every phoner they did.

Time have changed.

Balbulican said...

Don, did you know you've been nominated for three categories in the Canadian Blog Awards?