The Wankers

Journal Entry. Winnipeg.
December 13th, 2007.

It's that wonderful time of year when the jolly fat man comes to town to cut loose and get jiggy-with-it.

No - not that cheerful, red faced man - the other one - the FAMOUS one, ALISTER BELL.

The world's Greatest Soundman ... who upon spying a discarded bill-of-sale in a Miami gutter once uttered the immortal phrase "these people are SO rich they actually throw their receipts away"...is giving the media-party-of-the-season.

Tomorrow - Friday, Dec 14th is Al's 18th annual "Wankers" booze-and-schmooze. 4pm. Duke of York. Downstairs. 39 Prince Arthur (near the Bedford subway station).

All the legends will be there. Scully and Medina. Lev and Knox. Bobby, Lindon, Peter, Gillian, Spike, Nasty, Mark, Sally, Mendel, Laine. Perhaps even Derek Kennedy. Hope he's not in a BAD MOOD.

* Note to J-school students. CRASH THIS PARTY. As long as you can PAY you can stay. It will be well-worth dropping 20 bucks to listen to Garv's opinions on Mulroney.

The 'c' word will be used.

By the way do NOT believe any "Don-stories" you may hear (especially the garbage truck one). The Book of Don is the only true path.

A few years ago Sheldon Turcotte once lectured the Wankers on television's 'Ferris Wheel of Shit' ... it went something like this-:

...the bright-and-shiny ferris wheel carries us up, up, up to almost unimaginable heights until one day we look down to see the little people below clamouring to get on board.

We smile. We wave. We think "God, I love it up here".

But then the wheel turns; carrying us inexorably downwards. In horror we find ourselves being dragged into an immense tank of shit. The only way out is to hang on, with eyes closed and mouth shut until the relentless turning of the wheel pulls us free and we regain those giddy heights ... older, wiser - but less thrilled by the view

I miss Sheldon. And I miss the Wankers. Somebody please buy Alister a beer for me.

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