Journal Entry, Toronto.
June 14th, 1980.

It's been three weeks since Satan's Show and there has been very little fallout. In fact none of the network managers have said anything - at least not to me.

Either I'm completely out-of-the-loop (possibly) or perhaps everyone is simply glad that this endless Referendum is over and done with and we can get back to life as it once was.

Which means happy hour at the Kremlin ... a table full of beer at the Red Lion ... and a few bucks on the Bills courtesy of Jimmy No-Shoes.

My buddy Doug Jones [Morningside's production assistant] gave me a gift - a cassette with nothing on it but static. Funny guy. Moranis asked me if the minimalist opening was a commentary on the state of political thought in the country these days. And Talin [a Morningside producer] told me that her husband has gone into the wine business and would give me a good deal if I wanted to buy a case or two.

At our editorial de-brief we agreed that we should have brought our own tech but that the politics of dealing with the regional stations made this difficult - especially the Montreal plant where the political undercurrents are treacherous. We also agreed that for future road shows we would insist on a much stronger working relationship with the local radio guys. Being stuck on a floor full of managers three floors away from the newsroom was nuts.

Story wise we had the right people. We had good commentary ... good debate ... a good sense of the drama and the stakes. We had music and song and humour. And Don was great.

But at the end of the day all people will remember are the screw ups.

Oh yea .. one more thing, the tech has filed a union grievance against me for touching his board.


Eric said...

So... what happened to that tech in the end?

The Book of Don said...

oh ... nothing really. These things generally just fade away. I left Morningside a couple of months later and never heard anything about the grievance again.

But at the time - I could have killed the guy