Meetings Missed - Lessons Learned

Journal Entry. Toronto
Thursday, March 13th, 1980.

Hung over. One of those "I-will-NEVER-drink-again" kind of days.

Went to see Rough Trade last night who were playing on Spadina then ended up in a “booze can”. These pathetic and dirty little places are Toronto’s equivalent to the vibrant late night streets of Montreal.

I flew up last week for a major pre-Referendum broadcast meeting but nobody from the local Montreal plant showed.

Guess they missed the memo.

In fact, there was only ONE French speaking producer at the meeting, Hubie Gendron – who’s the Sunday Morning liaison guy. There is absolutely no inter-action or sharing of story ideas between CBC's Two Solitudes on this enormous story. In fact, Hubie told me our biggest competitors are NOT the local private sector media but the Rad Can gang who will probably lock-up the heavy hitters and keep them off our show.

I wanted to book the Quebec singer, PAUL PICHE but Hubie said he’d check with his “allies” on the French side to see if they've got him lined up already. If they do ... we'll have to keep looking.

This is going to be interesting.


Journal Entry. Winnipeg.
Thursday, November 1, 2007.

I must keep reminding myself WHY I began this blog in the first place. And stick with that motivation.

In my small experience it seems to me that blogs – like stories – must maintain discipline and most of all FOCUS so they don’t simply become a random gush of words and UTube links.

Thanks to Will Dixon (one of the ‘real’ bloggers) for leading me through this curiously seductive world of soap-boxing. The lesson this week ? That there’s an important distinction between “blogging” and “telling”.

As Will wisely noted “when in doubt blog, don’t tell”. And to those who wrote with veiled threats – thank you for reading.

This was all sparked by a listing of future posts which I may or may not have written. I was interested to see who my readers were and judging from the feedback the CBC.ca hard drive is a rocking kind of place.

And a BIG THANK YOU to my buddies in the CBC Sports truck. As long as you agree to forget how bad a director I was, I won’t tell ....er, blog - too many R and G stories. Deal ?

So, fret not – little public sector workers. I’m not really going to write all that stuff.



Anonymous said...


Book of Don said...
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Book of Don said...

although the MAN PURSE stays in.

Ouimet said...

Discipline and focus. That's probably right, although I never thought about it that way.

At the same time, I think you want to leave yourself room to experiment. Every so ofen slip in a fake Starbucks coupon or something. It's your blog, after all.

Is there an important distinction between “blogging” and “telling”? I'd like to hear it.

I read the original, unedited post to which you refer, and it was an impressive list. And it was CBCers who made you change your mind?


Eric said...

Um... what IS the difference between blogging and telling?

Book of Don said...

So...what IS the difference between "blogging" and "telling" a few people have wondered.

Here's what I think -: it's all about CONTEXT. For example, check out the "By Ken Levine" blog.

He's an old war horse comedy writer - very funny...full of lesson's learned and outrageous anecdotes - but all within a subtle pedagogic context. He doesn't just blab - he informs.

I always take away something more than just an entertaining read from his blog. It's what we used to call "value added" information.

...something like this, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ah, C'mon, you can tell ALL those good R stories.....