The Beautiful Girl - pt #1

Journal Entry - Toronto.
Wednesday, March 26th, 1980

Mary-Francis has a crappy job. She’s been given responsibility to handle the entire Referendum coverage (other than news). Why her ? She’s the only producer we have who's from Montreal - that's why. The fact that she usually books the kicker items on the show seems to be irrelevant.

Last week she did a nice story on the History of the Toothpick; next week – the Future of the Nation.

The AIH gang have pulled out - “we don’t do road shows” they said. This – after endless meetings to discuss our joint coverage. Sunday Morning was never in from the start – they stay to themselves (I’ve been here almost nine months and other than my racquet-ball playing buddy Stuart I know none of them). So that leaves Don Harron’s Morningside to carry the Current Affairs banner into Quebec.

Three of us are heading up next week – Mary Francis, me, and Rob Prouse, and we have absolutely no idea what we’re going to do. The vote is just over a month away and not only do we have NO shows booked, we have NO guests booked.

Not one.

Mary-Francis is under huge pressure and cries constantly. She never wanted this gig in the first place.


Journal Entry - Winnipeg
November 4th, 2007

Got into a kind of snippy exchange with one of the big-time bloggers this weekend who took a shot at Winnipeg. It was just a throw-a-way gag at the end of a post on WGA issues but it reinforced that whatever I write here had better be focused – or else some pathetic guy all pumped up on cheap red wine with nothing better to do on a Saturday night but wander the net – will pick a fight.

I want this blog to be both useful and entertaining. If you see it veering towards narcissistic wanking (again). Please let me know and I’ll stop.

At my age it’s about time I gave that up anyway.

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