As God is my witness...I thought turkeys could fly.

Journal Entry. Winnipeg
November 22, 2007.

"Baby, if you've ever wondered, Wondered whatever became of me."

Having now watched the Falun Gong doc (version 1.2) ... listened to the spin ... read the columns. All I can say is that Mr Carlson and Herb had it about right.

Sometimes all you can do is open the door, toss the turkey out and hope no one gets killed when it hits the ground.

I mean - you could NOT have written the stuff coming out of CBC Cincinatti.

Here's the new guy's take on why the film had to be changed - John Cruickshank (Head of CBC News) was quoted by C.P -:

"Our guys are good...they had seen an early version of the script and they were horrified by it - they said that what was being treated as truth in this show was not accepted by any credible organization."

He then brought in the old silverback himself-:

"Mark Starowicz saw it ... he's one of the great documentarians, and he just sat back and said: 'We can't let this happen.'"

Now, excuse me for being provocative. But...didn't this already...ummm -- happen ?

-- Didn't the film go through the CBC editorial process before it went to air the FIRST TIME ?

-- Didn't the film go through the Radio Canada editorial process before it went to air the SECOND TIME ?

-- Didn't the CBC lawyers and the E-and-O lawyers sign off and PAY the producer ?

-- Hasn't the film already been broadcast in New Zealand, Spain and Portugal who (presumably) were quite happy with its editorial content ?

Is Cruickshank saying these broadcasters (including Rad Can) are not "credible organizations"?

And if he IS correct and the script for Red Wall version 1.0 truly was horrific, what checks and balances have been put in place to make sure this never happens again ??

And what do the OTHER CBC managers, the Radio Canada execs who aired the film have to say for themselves ?

..but most important of all has anyone asked Les Nessman what he would have done ??


Turtle's Back said...

Your points are true and have to be made...sadly where is the MSM !!!

But be careful, I would expect the people your are writing about have long memories and small minds.

The Book of Don said...

Thanks. Sorry to sound dense but what does MSM mean ??

And if anyone has issues with what I've been writing they're welcome to give me a call. That's why I've posted my direct number on my blogger profile.

As to any long term payback...well, all I can say is that non-partisan professional criticism is an important part of any democratic media culture and if those in power want to "punish" me for pointing out their obfuscations and half truths then we've all got bigger issues to worry about than what some obscure blogger (me) might write.