Pissed Off Pam

Journal Entry - Monday, Nov 19th, 1979.

A bit of a scene in the old office today. One of the AIH producers, Pam (EDITOR'S NOTE-: that would be PAM - as in WALLIN) came into Morningside to give us shit for (quote) "ransacking" their office and stealing their beer.

I've never heard anyone use the word "cunt'' so many times in so few seconds. For some reason she kept looking at ME as she stomped around bitching and complaining (must be love). Neither Richard nor Dault were anywhere to be seen so the rest of us just ignored her 'till she went away.

But there's real bad blood between the two shows. Not sure why. The last Exec at Morningside died a few months ago and the staff is still pretty bruised by it. Losing her, then Gzowski and now having a tough guy like Richard come in to run things (bringing in people like me) has not been easy for these guys. The ratings are also down which has left everyone feeling quite defensive. There is absolutely NO inter-action with the other radio shows - the only time the AIH or Sunday Morning crowd stop by is to complain -- like my new best friend Pam.

Good news. Good news. My contract has been renewed. A quick chat with Richard...told me I'm doing OK - wants me to diversify my story selection more. Less politics more Harron-friendly items. My contract has been extended through the WINTER. Mum will be happy. Says the highlight of her week is tuning in on Fridays to hear my name in the credits (that's the only time she listens - sigh).

Time to buy some furniture. Rachel wants a real bed not a mattress on the floor. She also wants plants. Careful Don.


Wednesday, October 3rd - 2007

The Guy Maddin "My Winnipeg" doc is terrific.

To be honest I wanted to trash it as I was irritated that his financing came together quickly and at such a high level (over half a million). For someone who has NEVER done a doc and has publically said he finds the whole documentary form "boring" he should NOT have been given all this cash. It should have gone to someone like...like...well, like - me.

But for what it's worth -- definitely check it out. It IS a bit weird (as is ALL of Guy's stuff) and I'm not even sure it's a "documentary". But at 72 minutes, in my opinion - it is the most watchable of all his work.

Should it have received such a big Documentary Channel licence and all that CTF money ? Grierson called the documentary a "creative interpretation of reality" and My Winnipeg is certainly that.

Creative. Interpretive. And there's no doubt that Winnipeg IS his "reality" - not mine, but his. So - at one level it meets the Scotsman's criteria.

But somehow I don't think Grierson would have greenlit this one. In fact, Guy probably wouldn't have made it out of the screening room alive (beaten senseless by an empty bottle of scotch). However, I'm glad Michael Burns had the guts to commission it. Of course, now that the CBC is running the DOC Channel the "creative interpretation of reality" will probably be a little less .... idiosyncractic.

The distributor is planning an international release in 08 and they're trying hard to keep it under wraps and AWAY from the notoriously sensitive Winnipeg film and doc community. But I screened it again last night for a small group of local film-makers who ALL loved it.

Guy should be proud. It's great.

But here's a warning -- if JIM SHAW ever sees it...he's going to go ape-shit.

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