New title - Same stuff

Now that I know people are actually reading this blog I've decided to give it a new name. "Damaged Goods" was just a bit too raw, too inside.

I've been wrestling with some sort of low-grade depression these past couple of years - hence "Damaged Goods" - and part of my rationale in writing was not just to offer some "lessons-learned" but also to look for patterns and trends in my rather self-destructive behaviour.

They're not hard to see, are they ?

But I want to keep trying to push past all that. So I've opted for something a bit "perkier". And to the people who've written to me calling me an "ego-maniac" all I have to say is... too bad.

Next time leave a name.

Ever since The Teamakers mentioned my blog on his/her site I've had a strong response to what I've been writing. Mostly positive. But I've also had two rather ominious indirect messages from senior management at the CBC suggesting that I take a "gentle" approach to what I cull from my Journal.

Not a chance.


J. Kelly said...

Don't stop posting!

Danny-K said...

A "gentle" approach?
Their euphemism for: For god's sake don't let them know what it's really like!

In an earlier blog you wrote, "I've tried to write with an honest voice - probably a bit too honest."

That has to be the ultimate definition of what a blog was devised for. Where the blogger strives to fear no evil in attempting to show us things we would otherwise remain in the dark about.

Good blogs Don. I like them.

Ouimet said...

I like this new name better, too. "Damaged Goods" always struck me as too defeatist, especially for someone who's survived this business for so long.

This new one has a great Biblical feel to it.

Book of Don said...

thanks guys...I've decided to change the cut line also.

I'm going to swap the silly and glib "blockhead" gag
for a double-entendre teaser which is guaranteed to get some attention at the TBC

"...secrets from The Journal."

Balbulican said...

Good grief. Accusing a blogger of egomania (no hyphen required, as far as I know) is like accusing the Pope of religiosity. It's sort of assumed that someone with the appalling presumption to think that the world might be interested in their online musings is going to have a healthy ego. Astonishingly, you were right. it's a great concept, and wonderfully amusing.

Danny-K said...

Balbulican - for you, (and the rest of us surfing the 'net):

"Everybody sitting at a computer screen is alone. Everybody sitting at a computer screen is at the centre of the world. Everybody sitting at a computer screen, increasingly, wants everything to be all about them. This is our first glimpse of what people who grow up with the net will want from the net. One of the cleverest things about MySpace is the name."

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