I'm Just Glad To Be Nominated...Really. Really.

Journal Entry. Saturday night
October, 13th - 2007

Just a quick post - I have an 06:30 flight to catch for Toronto as I'm off to the Geminis. Fucking Aeroplan, eh ? 06:30 on a SUNDAY morning.

Guess I'll miss church.

I once had EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND (correct) miles on Aeroplan back in the day (the day when someone else was paying for my flights.) I burned them off taking my kids J-class to Europe.

When Aleana turned 14 we went for a dad and daughter bonding session to London and Paris. Took in the Phantom, Les Mis, Rent. We drank wine together in Paris ... wandered flea markets in London ... watched tons of soccer on the telly ... and generally goofed-off for ten wonderful springtime days. Sometimes this business really DOES have an upside.

Tomorrow I'm meeting her in Toronto. She's coming down from Montreal to be my date at the awards - again.

So what are the odds of me winning ? Am I secretly rehearsing a witty-but-humble acceptance speech (yes) ... or is the cess pool of NIXONIAN bitterness starting to build up like the poison in a puff-adder's venom sack ? No - but nice analogy.

I want to be honest in this blog. After all, TRUTH is the best defence from a libel suit. So, here are the odds on my personal line.

I'm nominated in two categories. Best Director in a Documentary Series. Best Writer in a Documentary Series.

The envelope please.

The nominees for "Best Director" (yadda yadda) ...are -:

Don Young
Devil's Brigade
Episode 4

Peter Ingles
Hockey: A People's History
The People's Game

Michael Claydon
Hockey: A People's History
Reclaiming the Game

Laine Drewery
Hockey: A People's History
A Simple Game

Ian Toews
Landscape as Muse Season Two
The Forest with Peter von Tiesenhausen

AND THE WINNER IS ------ me.

Yep, not to sound immodest (who me ?) but I think I've got a real shot at this one. My show was good. I had a fantastic editor (Bob Lower)...some perceptive editorial advice from my Exec Producer (Jamie Brown)...and a very strong working relationship with the network Executive (Michael Kot)...and at the end of the day - the show worked. It just did.

If it's not me, then it should be Laine Drewery.

He's a talented director who SHOULD have won a couple of years ago for a fantastic piece he did on D-Day. I was the chairman of the jury for his category back then and we voted overwhelmingly for Laine. Why he didn't win - is one of life's great mysteries. Hanging chads, perhaps ?

So, the smart money's on me. But if you want to hedge your bets - go for me OR Laine.

My second nomination is in the Best Writer category. To be honest - this is the one I REALLY want to win. I think writing for non-fiction television is the hardest form of writing. It has to be -: Accurate. Poetic. Efficient. And clear.

The best television writer I ever worked with was Jane Chalmers - who's now the VP of CBC Radio. Jane was a gifted reporter who once wrote the following lead for a story about a confrontation on a picket line one frosty Manitoba morning -:

s/up - picket line yelling...."No scabs. No scabs. No scabs."

v/o - "Hot words on a cold morning."

Those six words cut to the heart of the story. They got the piece moving with drama and flair. Jane had the chops. Now however, she's in management - so God only knows what crap she writes these days.

But if you're handicapping the much coveted Best Writer field, here they are -:

Don Young
Devil's Brigade
Episode 4

Simcha Jacobovici, Graeme Ball
The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

Michka SaƤl
Prisoners of Beckett

Michael Allcock
Vimy Ridge: Heaven To Hell

Me. Jesus. Heavy Metal Rockers. Beckett. And a platoon of Vimy ghosts.

...and the winner is -- JESUS.

Yep - I think the J-man will scoop me.

Maybe I can catch an afternoon church service in Toronto ??


English Dave said...

Good luck Don!

shecanfilmit said...

Yes, good luck - when are the Geminis? I guess I'll google them and find out.

wcdixon said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

Sorry you struck out at the Geminis. What the hell, at that level it's a crap shoot anyway. It was nice to see you in Toronto. Ordinarily, I'd say stay in touch, but with this blog or yours you already are. I've already recommended it to a couple of the freelance producers I work with, telling them that even if they don't learn anything, at least they'll be entertained.
Tom Alderman