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Journal Entry. Toronto
Friday, February 15th - 1980.

A funny thing happened on our way to the Referendum - after a day long meeting between ALL the national radio staff (except Sunday Morning) it finally occured to us that...


Ten producers met in Don Harron's office ... a mix of Morningside, AIH, and Radio Syndication staff to start planning -: live remotes, from-the-streets tape, one-on-one interviews, reaction from analysts (we even talked about finding an Expos baseball angle). A roomful of smart people with smart ideas who ALL overlooked one crucial thing. Not one of us is bilingual.

Gary Michael Dault has been chosen to run the coverage. Which is a bit weird as he's the Toronto Arts-and-Culture producer. But management didn't ask my opinion. No matter - I get to go to Montreal for a month as part of the coverage team.

An Alberta boy in a city of beautiful women. On the CBC's tab. Can't wait.


Journal Entry. Winnipeg
Friday. October 26th, 2007.

It's been a week since I've written anything. A busy, grinding, try-to-stay-alive kind of week. I have to admit to having blog "performance" issues. I can't seem to find the energy to...er, get it up ... on line, that is. Must be anxiety. Yea..that's it. Anxiety. Thank God for "stress", eh ?

It's the Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card for yuppies who make bad choices.

However a few REAL blog issues have given me pause.

When I was at the Geminis a lawyer sought me out who had been forwarded my posts. She asked me to appear as an Expert Witness in a law suit she's involved in. I know everyone involved and from what I've heard this lawyer's client has been royally screwed. But the defendant will be a powerful prodco who I do business with. Somehow they're not going to appreciate taking a deposition from yours truly.

Clearly this is a LOSE / LOSE scenario for me. And the per diem is probably rubbish anyway.

Also an ex-lover has been sending me HotMail flames and posting (anonymous) sarcastic comments on this blog.

Note to file -: NEVER believe lovers who say -: "Trust me. Trust me, because I love you" in the first week of a relationship.

Note to ex's file-: NEVER send erotic emails to lovers you lie to. Especially writers. They might save them. And post them.

But most curious of all about a dozen people from the CBC have called. Apparently excerpts from The Book of Don were read at a management meeting in the Broadcast Centre. They wondered-: (1) who the hell is this guy anyway ? (2) did he REALLY keep a journal ? (3) what else is he going to write.

So in the spirit of making next week's managment meeting move more quickly - let me answer these.

1. Google me. Don Young TLA Agency.

Please note - I am NOT the DY who was the recently impeached Governor of Alaska. Nor the DY who runs the pro-hunting lobby "Ducks Unlimited. I'm not even the DY who hit .239 for the Cubbies back in'69.

2. Yes, I did .. and still do ... keep a journal. In fact, I've posted some images from it as proof in one of my Facebook picture files. "Friend" me and you can read it. Although - you can't do this anonymously. This is a no-stalking kind of offer.

As Dan Rather used to say -- 'COURAGE'.

3. What else am I going to write ?? Well ... that would be telling, wouldn't it ?

Why am I doing all of this ?

Money - no. Ego - yes. A sense of contributing to our broadcast history - I hope so.

I think we're the best TV-makers on the planet and we should celebrate ourselves. Each and every flawed one of us.

(And if you're one of those who still think the Brits do the best TV - you should see some of the DRECK which they don't sell over here.)

Finally - to those of you who've asked me if this is a "Revenge Blog" ??

Not a chance. After all ... I'm still working. And they are still running things.

But there is a book in the works.


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