Journal Entry - Sunday, December 23rd, 1979.

Home tomorrow. Hard to believe I've been here almost six months. Cowtown seems far from me now.

I love Toronto. Went to see the Leafs the other night and bought a ticket in the reds from a scalper (35 bucks). The scene outside Maple Leaf Gardens was like something from a 1940s CPR poster ... a huge snowstorm ... chestnuts being sold by old Italian guys from hot-coal carts .. street cars clattering and clanging along Carleton...crowds pushing...scalpers hustling ...

"who's buying...who's selling".

Thank God, I'm here.

A bit of a lost week behind me. No matter - the show is booked into January.

Friday night was our Morningside Xmas booze up. It was quite the night.

Max Ferguson was there. He does a great Trudeau. Late in the evening he and the comedy guy Moranis got into the scotch and did a Joe Clark / Trudeau "debate" over who had stolen Maggies panties. Very funny. Rick is also a terrific impersonator who can do an UNBELIEVABLE Gordon Lightfoot. "In the early morning rain..with my pecker in my hand"

Harron has an entourage of comedy writers he's nurturing. Rick, David Cole, Vicki Gabereau (the chick who ran for mayor as Rosie-the-Clown)...our PA Doug Jones... and Dave Thomas (his brother is Ian Thomas the singer).

Harron is a pretty funny guy too, but refused to do his Charlie Farqueson for us. He says its for paying customers only. And he doesn't drink - so we couldn't get him pissed.

I gave him a line which he says he'll use in one of his Charlie routines -- "...they say the houses in Calgary are so old (how old are they ??)...they're so old that some of them were built BEFORE cable TV."

He laughed. No one else did. Don Harron is a nice man.


Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Got an email today from a friend in LA who pointed out this week's IDA announcement of TOP 25 BEST DOCS EVER.

The IDA is THE American doc organization with about 3,000 paid up members. Here's their list ranked 1 - 25-:

Hoop Dreams
Thin Blue Line
Bowling for Combine
Harlan County
An Inconvenient Truth
Gimme Shelter
The Fog of War
Roger and Me
Supersize Me
Don’t Look back
Sherman’s March
Grey Gardens
Capturing the Friedmans
Born Into Brothels
Titicut Follies
Buena Vista Social Club
Fahrenheit 9/11
Winged Migration

Leaves a bit to be desired, eh ?

No 7-Up ? Shoah ? Nanook of the North ? No NFB ? No Brittain ?

Seems to me there are way too many American films on that list.

THREE Michael Moore noms ? Best docs ever ?? Ummm.. no.

Why DO Americans do this to themselves ? This list is the documentary community equivalent of all those dimwit Americans who chant - "USA...USA...USA" - at the Olympics.

My friend also pointed out that Sicko (not on the list) has made almost 25 million at the US box office whereas last year's great Canadian hope "Manufactured Landscapes" has brought in only 206 thousand. One thing Americans CAN do better
than most is sell. The Cult of Michael proves that.

Don't feel too bad about Sicko making so much money, she said - Americans also spend 10 million a day on take out pizzas.


shecanfilmit said...

Wow - I'm both suprised and exited to see Sherman's March on that list. Have you seen that movie? OhmyGod. I should watch it again soon.

The eerie thing about your blog is that I'm an active journaler - and have been for the past 8 years. It's unnerving to think that in 20 years, I could pull them out...

How long did you keep these journals? Continuously through adulthood? There's probably already a post where you answer this, huh?

English Dave said...

HELL DON! I'm on a deadline and just pissed an hour up the wall reading your blog. I'll be back later though. Great stuff.

Book of Don said...

hi there

I've been writing this since I was about 10. Really.

I was sent to an English boarding school when I was just a kid and found it terribly
lonely...so started writing a journal. And generally kept it up. It really took off in my early 20s when I began thinking about a career as a journalist or a film maker or something along those lines...and
as I've gotten older it has now become a kind of "mental health" default position for me.

When I get stressed I use my little journal
to vent into....it's a good way to look for patterns and themes in behaviour.

All those abstract personal "fault lines" suddenly become clear.

if you're on Facebook you can "friend" me - Don Young, Winnipeg...and actually see some of the physical posts which I've scanned and posted
on line.