Journal Entry, October 8th, 1979.

Life is good. Another birthday on the horizon - 26 soon, getting on eh ? Still broke 'though. How can this be ?

My 600 a week at Morningside actually means about 420 cash in hand...car payment, student loan, stereo loan, TV rental, apartment rental, paying back mum and dad...and then there's "savings" (ha !), food, booze and entertainment. Shit. Almost 26 and I'm still living from cheque to cheque. Gotta get smarter.

But right now I don't care...little Rachel has consumed me. You name it she likes it. She calls it "roo-ing" and when we 'roo' she actually makes me blush.

She's my first Aussie. I wonder if they're all as "enthusiastic" ?

One of the other producers at Morningside, Mary-Francis lives directly above me and Rachel is so fucking noisy that on Monday when I came to work Mary-Francis gave me this ear-to-ear grin and said..."have a good weekend ????????".

I don't care. I like this girl. But Marg wants to come visit soon. Hmmm. Could be a problem.

Did a nice item today - I'm working with the writer Margaret Laurence on a series called "What Writers Read". I've always liked her stuff and was genuinely curious as to what she read. The New Yorker. Norman Mailer ( huh ? ) Adele Wiseman. Margaret Atwood. She said she also reads Pierre Berton but doesn't take him seriously because he smokes alot of pot. She's a funny little woman with a wicked sense of humour.

We were talking about marriage over lunch and she told me to never marry for sex or beauty. Marry "strategically". Especially if I'm staying in this business. Marry for money.


Friday, September 28th, 2007.

I obviously did NOT listen to Maggie's advice. Although I'm not out of the game yet. Going to pick up a cheque today for some consulting I'm doing for a prodco. I create show concepts and help pitch them. They keep me on this retainer because I have good story instincts and a strong professional network.

But I can do shows too. Did I mention I worked with U2 last year ? No ? Well stick with this blog and I guarantee you'll learn something you don't know about "the world's most philanthropic band".

Me and the Edge. We rock.

There's a lot of buzz about the new CBC reality show - "A Week Without Women" done by Paperny Films out of Vancouver. Paperny is owned by David Paperny and his wife...David's a good guy and a solid journalist despite his penchant for wearing a cowboy hat. A small, elegant man David is a turtleneck kind of guy ... but a cowboy hat ?? It's a bit Urban Cowboy-ish for my tastes...but what do I know ? I'm over 50 and still can't decide what side to part my hair on.

His show is set in Alberta where (so the Corp claims) all the women have been removed from a town for a week. Hmmmm. Sounds a bit dodgy to me. It's a duplication of a BBC format which Paperny bought, here's the CBC press release-:

What happens when all the women of a town leave for seven days?
Chaos. or a community strengthened?
Paperny Films, together with the CBC, are making a documentary series that
looks at the roles of men and women in the 21st century. We are interested
in what each gender does at home, at work and in the community, and what
happens when you take away one half of the equation.
In order to shed light on these questions, we will create a unique
large-scale experience. We will take all the adult women out of Hardisty,
Alberta for a full week to see how the men will choose to run their lives,
families, work and communities,

Setting aside how POORLY WRITTEN that press release is ... here's how the folks in the UK reacted to their experience (it's from a post by one of the participants) -:


Readers might like to note that the UK version was a disaster for
both the BBC and the village concerned, Harby, where I live.

We were the first victims of this dreadful programme idea. I would
advise any community thinking of accepting the challenge to tell
the producers where to go. It's divisive, it's staged, it's harmful
and it's not even good TV! The original series was made by the BBC
but along the way it split our tiny community of 240 people and
the damage still reverberates nearly two years on.

The finished programme was boring in the extreme (hence the poor
viewing figures and it being 'buried' in the August holiday

At 1.4 million UK pounds it was hardly cheap TV.


1.4 million pounds eh ? I'm sure Paperny's wasn't that much because most of it was shot on handi-cams by freelancers..but it's the "IT WAS STAGED" part of that post which worries me.

Reality shows walk a fine line between fact and fiction (I've walked it myself)....and if David's crosses that line and any serious TV critic takes a hard look at what was "real" and what was "produced" -- then this show could very well turn into a public relations DISASTER for the corp.

And at a time when the Calgary-financed Harper government seems ready to go to the polls with the possibility of a majority in the wind...and powerful Alberta broadcasters like JIM SHAW have the CBC in their cross-hairs a "fake"- Alberta based TV show has all the makings of a killer debacle .

...and eventhough Paperny wears a cowboy hat that's not going to help much.

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