My Sharona

Journal Entry. Friday July 6th, 1979.

McDonald's on the 400 just outside of Barrie - should be in Toronto in a couple of hours. Nice easy drive. No rush now. Monday is the start, eh ? New city..new life..new me. After six years at university and a couple of years hustling around, I finally have A JOB. Weird. 600 a week -- nice. Morningside is a BIG show..hope I can do it. Oh well...nothing ventured nothing gained, right ? It's hot tonight. The air feels kind of silky in that liquid, humid, sexy kind of way. As I look out the window I see truckers trying to pick up girls in halter tops, a guy rolling by in his Camaro (I can hear the bass-beat through the glass)..and a ruby chain of tail lights twinkling through the twilight haze as they head south. Gotta go too. Soon it'll just be lonesome me - alone - in the big city. I can hardly wait.


Tuesday, September 18th, 2007.

Well, our show did NOT get greenlit - but it didn't get killed either. In fact, it didn't get anything...the suits just bumped the decision 'till October 12th. They're not sure if they can afford to pay for it out of their fall CTF envelope. It's not good news but it's not bad news either. What it means is that we can't hire anyone to do the research until maybe late fall. And the fall is a lousy time to go into pre-production because as soon as Grey Cup comes around everyone goes into Christmas booze and schmooze mode. Then nothing gets done 'till January.

Got a call today from my buddy at the National said the ratings are lower than ever. They're expecting the big changes at NewsWorld to be announced after Xmas. Looks like its going to a Canadian version of CNN. All the doc stuff will be shuffled off to the Doc Channel where about 20,000 people will see it.

couple of things of note in the papers -:

1. this issue of digitizing the NFB's library is a big story. Noticed that Harper's Department of Heritage flacks punted it right back to the NFB. Maybe the board should have asked Jim Shaw for advice. He seems to have the ear of the Tories. And if they win a majority in the next election. Be afraid...be very afraid.

2. and this from the ROB


GATINEAU, Que. — Canada's biggest media companies have been asked to consider the prospect of new limits on the number of broadcast outlets they can own, which would freeze future industry consolidation in its tracks for several of them.

The controversial proposals, raised during seven hours of testimony, left industry executives at several companies grasping for alternatives. They argued that these scenarios, based on rules implemented in Australia, would not work in Canada.


Australian Rules, eh ? If it's anything like Aussie Rules football it will be completely unintelligible (sounds like our broadcasting policy right now).

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