Journal Entry. Monday night, July 9th, 1979.

Twelve hours and almost as many cups-of-coffee later I am too tired to write much but this was A GOOD DAY.

Went to the old radio building at 354 Jarvis and wandered around trying to find the Morningside offices...on the stairs an animated conversation some guy (Starowicz ?) was telling some woman (Susan Reisler, I think) ..."because I'm the fucking executive producer and THAT's why". Okaaaay. Met my Exec - Richard Bronstein - a tough little street-fighter kind of guy who took me to the Red Lion for a three beer lunch. He's only been here a few months replacing the last Exec who took a one-way swim over Niagara Falls. Richard said she'd been turned into "consomme". Nice.

Hung around the studio - watched a couple of interviews get packaged...talked to the techs. Next week both LINDA LOVELACE and SOPHIA LOREN are coming in for interviews. Holy shit what a 2-on-1 that would be, eh ? And so with that image in mind...off to bed - alone.


Wednesday, September 19th. 2007.

Ok - I promise tomorrow I will learn how to hyper link. I'm spending about 10 - 12 hours on line every day and I come across a ton of good stuff which I'd love to bring to this blog. Dennis McD at "Dead Things on Sticks" put me on to someone who must surely become the internet's first MEGA STAR - CutewithChris.com - where I'm wasting a lot of time...but on the home front this NFB archives story is important ... the weekly Jim Shaw rants (he's kind of a western, goy version of Edgar Bronfman Jr. -- a gene-pool lottery winner who thinks he's a mogul) are worth a laugh.... and there are a host of docs pin-balling around that I'd like to write about.

But first I gotta figure out all this techie-blog stuff. As you'll see if you stick with me I'm basically an optimist -- kind of a depressive optimist, if that makes any sense -- someone who really likes the biz and is proud to have stuck around this long but is constantly fighting the Black Dog temptation to say "fuck it" and become a...a...a...a...hmmm not sure what because I don't really have any non-industry skills. See why I stick around ?

I once talked to Robert Lantos who told me that the key to a long career was to condition yourself to truly believe that -:


...and not to take the rejections personally but remain committed to your instincts - keep the project alive - and place the sting of rejection into some sort of professional context.

I've tried to do that. But more and more I'm finding that I retreat to the bar for a bitch session where I've gotten into the habit of ordering TWO beers (what the hell...I'm going to drink the second one so might as well order it now right ?) and I'm secretly worried that my fate will be similar to that of Eric Malling - who died alone after taking a header down some stairs one boozy night a few years ago. Malling carried a lot of baggage with him not the least of which was his regrets for killing an entire edition of the 5th Estate on David Milgaard back in the mid-80s which was ALREADY SHOT AND EDITED AND READY TO BE BROADCAST. The piece raised serious doubts about Milgaard's guilt TEN years before it became a news story.

But Malling (who's brother was a Saskatoon cop) went waaaaaay up the food chain at the CBC and killed the piece because his brother's buddies in the S'toon police force convinced him that Milgaard was guilty. And Erik always was one-of-the-boys. The producer, an eminent and cultured old pro from Montreal - quit in disgust.

..but nothing so lofty for me now.

Journalism - out. Job - in.

I'm about to start a project with GEORGE ROMERO ...the Dawn of the Dead guy. I've always loved the whole "zombie" pop culture thing. Zombies are, of course an all-too-easy metaphor for those of us who have decided to make a living in this dark business where self-interest and evil-doers rules.

Morningside to Zombies in twenty-five years. Malling would understand why.

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